Simplified Shipping Experience

Simplified transportation through technology

SilverExpress is our proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS) that we provide for all of our customers, free of charge. SilverExpress allows our customers to request quotes, generate orders, track their shipments, conduct reporting and much more.

We know the challenges and administrative effort that comes with both low and high volume shipping. We built SilverExpress from the ground up to address those issues and optimize the transportation process.

Interested in seeing SilverExpress in action?

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Growth and customization

Time and technology don’t stand still, and neither do we. SilverExpress’ proprietary nature means we can continually customize the software as the industry and our customer needs change. There are always updates in the works and we are of course open to our customer’s suggestions regarding new features.

Hands on training

If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. That’s why we provide hands on training for our customers. We will walk you through your account showing you the in’s and out’s, ensuring every quote from your first to your five hundredth are simple and successful. Being a customer also means you have full access to our support team should any problems arise.

Features and Benefits

Quick Quote – Enter five bits of information and generate a quote that can be saved, modified or turned into an order in minutes!

Quick Order – We’ve made creating an order simplified, allowing you to create an order directly, turn a previously saved quote into an order or duplicate a previous order.

Track Shipments– Real-time access to the location of your active shipments so you can rest assured you shipment is where it needs to be.

Customized Views – Want to give your own customers access? We can customize your login to include your logo and colors, allowing you to share with your customers as your own tool.

Customized Reporting– Customize and prepare reports for order history, quotes and current shipments to share with your team.